Stephen Ferry

Stephen Ferry (b. 1960, USA) is a nonfiction photographer, whose work engages issues of human rights, cultural survival and the representation of history. He collaborates with publications such as National Geographic, The New York Times and GEO,  and has worked extensively as a visual investigator with Human Rights Watch.

A fluent Spanish speaker, Stephen has developed an understanding of Latin American culture, society and politics from over 20 years of covering the region. His first book,  I Am Rich Potosí (Monacelli Press, 1999) looks at the long-term historic consequences of Spanish colonialism and silver mining on the native peoples of the Andes.  In 2012, he published Violentology: A Manual of the Colombian Conflict (Umbrage).  Product of more than ten years of documentation, *Violentology* debunks the common view of the Colombian conflict as a drug war,  revealing the deep historical and social roots of the conflict.

In general, Stephen emphasizes the material aspects of photography through an emphasis on texture.  His books and exhibitions communicate through the sense of touch as well as sight.  While thoroughly versed in digital processes, his heart remains with silver-based photography.