Thomas Morley

Thomas W. Morley is an independent photojournalist, producing in-depth photography on humanitarian crises worldwide. Working closely with major international aid organizations, he has photographed with great care and compassion some of the world’s most disadvantaged people. Specializing in human rights and environmental concerns, he believes that photography and stories play an ever more important role in our world.

Artist statement:

Taking pictures has led me towards the recording and documentation of poor and marginalised communities, civilians caught up in war, refugees and torture. For me, photography is tied up with the rights of people, recording their story and documenting their plight.

The gap between those that have and those that don’t grows ever larger; discrimination, intolerance, bigotry and abuse in much of society grows within poor communities and extreme situations such as conflict. And so to record these stories and to give the less fortunate a voice, I hope can lead to better understanding and tolerance of people who would otherwise go unnoticed and unloved.